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Automatic fire suppression for Heavy Equipment or Heavy Duty Mobile Equipment (HDME) is available for assets including Heavy Duty Excavators, Compactors. Fire suppression systems extinguish electrical fires by releasing a concentration of gas within a particular room, removing the oxygen and extinguishing the. NAFFCO FZCO is among the world's leading producers and suppliers of top-tier firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarms, security and safety.

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Fire suppression systems are the systems used to contain or extinguish fire in a building, typically used in rooms with valuable or critical equipment. Fire Suppression Limited is one of the UK's leading providers of fire suppression systems, offering fire suppression and VESDA smoke detection solutions for. CWS Benefit Fire Safety Full Service. We provide comprehensive service including consultation, inspections and maintenance for the fire suppression system.

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A fire suppression system is an engineered system that includes built-in components that detect fires. They're used to prevent fires in plant equipment or. Sprinkler systems are designed to protect people and structures. But when it comes to protecting high value equipment, electronics, and irreplaceable. Heavy equipment fire suppression systems protect against threats to operators, assets and productivity. Our suppression equipment is rugged, reliable and easy.